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McBarron Wood Group’s RPO is our quality assurance system. The RPO practice in its simple outsourced form is not reliable unless the process is completely transparent, real-time and is able to encapsulate the financial recruitment process and customer/client management process into an integrated one source system. McBarron Wood’s RPO System brings our clients the next generation technology that is scalable, reliable and has the required capability to make the recruitment process both transparent and seamless.

Our system facilitates our consultants, administrators, candidates and clients in a safe and user friendly way to bring them increased efficiency in the office, recruitment process or sourcing a new career.

Features of our RPO Legal Search system

  • End-to-End Legal recruitment process automation that has Talent Acquisition, Permanent Placement and Contract Staffing systems.
  • Seamless integration of RPO back office with Customer Infrastructure to engage the customer in the recruitment process in real-time, with 100% transparency and customer having real-time data, SLA Monitoring and MIS reports on demand.
  • Encapsulates the customer’s infrastructure to source the right resumes at right time.
  • Helps customers cut costs, increase brand awareness and visibility using our proven capability and cutting edge technology.
  • Manage customer resume sourcing partners (placement agencies) using our Master Vendor Model and consolidate the resumes onto a common database.
  • Set Service Levels based on customer requirements and achieve these without having issues or shortcomings.
Our RPO system we believe is our formal management system which we use to strengthen McBarron Wood Group. It is intended to raise our standards of work and to make sure everything that we execute is done consistently. Our system sets out our quality assurance needs and requirements these include the following which have been implemented with every member of staff and customer and is the system which McBarron Wood Group follow:

Agree on Search standards.

We agree standards to meet for every client – tailoring our service to meet their needs. Our agreed standards are influenced by candidates and treating them responsibly, and our staff performance treating them fairly – of which we as a business expect.

Carry out a self-assessment. We consistently and systematically carry out regular checks to ensure that we are complying with the company’s expectations.

Draw up an action plan. From our constant reviews we include what needs to be done, who will do it, how it will be done, and when this will ultimately be actioned.

Implementation. We immediately do the work

Review. At this stage, we check what changes have been made and whether they have made the difference to the outcome expected.

Our Quality Assurance System (MW-RPO) is hosted on a server within a highly secure Data Centre. The security of our servers is of paramount importance. We have a strict security policy that encompasses many areas including a security-hardened operating system, functional isolation of each VPS, and careful monitoring and updating of applications. Our Web Director further ensures our integrity by taking full responsibility for these servers in keeping each of our accounts secure by using good passwords, avoiding insecure scripts and applications, and following other security best practices.

Some of you may have seen reports of distributed server scans that are initiated by potential hackers. Essentially, these hackers scan Internet servers for vulnerable scripts and/or vulnerable users (users with weak passwords). One of the most popular of these scans is trying to login into SSH as common users like 'root', 'guest', 'admin', or 'test' and then attempting to crack weak passwords (it's even easier if no password has been configured for one of these users). We think it is important to make you aware of these scans and also provide you information that will keep you from becoming a victim of one of these attacks.

One of the benefits of our Servers within a Data Centre is root access. Every Server is provisioned with a root user. Because the root user has significant flexibility and power, it is important to us that this feature is used carefully and responsibly.

First, our Web Director sets a strong password for all users, especially the root user. Passwords are chosen with ones which use a variety of characters on the keyboard. Specifically, we choose passwords that meet the following criteria:

Passwords which have both upper and lower case letters.

Passwords which have digits, punctuation marks, or other symbols (do not use a word where some letters are simply replaced by digits such as blowf1sh).

Passwords are not based on login details.

Passwords are not real words (e.g., something you'd find in a dictionary or a list of proper nouns).

Passwords are seven or eight characters long.

Passwords are something you can memorise; if clients, staff or administrators can't seem to memorise something with strange characters, our Web Director makes their password longer, preferably 12 characters or more; adding just one or two characters to their password length which generally has a huge effect mathematically on the strength of your password.

Our Web Director encourages every user of our RPO to change their password at least every six months and change it immediately if you've had to login over plain text for any reason.

Our data integrity and your data is assured in every way possible. We make every effort to secure any data stored. Our systems are backed up every night. In the unlikely event of a break-in into any of our offices – your data is not here – it is stored off site in a secure Data Centre which is then updated in another data centre. We can never lose data.

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